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Red Deer Ju Jitsu | Junior Shogun™
  • Junior Shogun™

    Junior Shogun™

    About the Program

    Our Junior Shogun™ Program is a martial arts program for boys and girls ages 8 – 12, and is based on research and education with the combination of personal safety skills and ju jitsu techniques. This program is based on a traditional stripe color belt system and when the student reaches the last level in the Junior Shogun program they are placed in the Teen program.

    Junior Shogun’s learn: Stances, Breakfalls, Hand Techniques, Kicking, Takedowns, After-Throws, Hold-Downs, Escapes and much more.

    At Goshinkan JuJitsu, we recognize that young children are developing the physical and mental skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives. We try to facilitate this development through the use of gross motor skills and curriculum designed to develop coordination and focus. Your child will be challenged to perform new techniques and learn about both Ju-Jitsu and themselves.

    Our Martial Arts program is not a drill camp. We are focused on self-defence and safety. Along with our self-defence techniques, we teach awareness and personal safety. Our environment is friendly and fun however, children are expected to respect their teachers and peers, focus on techniques and lessons being taught and review their safety skills at home.

    Learn more below or at our main web site for all locations Goshinkan Ju Jitsu.

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    • Bully Proofing Skills
    • Self-Confidence & Self-Reliance
    • Discipline and Self-Control
    • Teamwork & Goal Setting

    Pricing Plan

    • 11 Week Semester

      $ 245.00