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Red Deer Ju Jitsu | Little Samurai™
  • Little Samurai™


    Our Little Samurai™ Program is not just a martial arts program for boys and girls ages 5 – 7, it is a step-by-step danger awareness program.

    What will my child learn?
    The Little Samurai Program teaches children how to recognize and avoid dangerous situations, practical and effective escape techniques, how to use their voice and what to do in the event of an emergency situation, but they also learn basic physical techniques such as how to fall correctly, punching, kicking and escape techniques. It’s much more than a typical martial arts program – the Little Samurai Program encourages individual growth and character development in a fun and structured environment.

    Your child will be learning one belt level each Semester. Skills taught in the dojo are not just physical, but also focus on assertiveness and awareness. Learning and building basic motor-skills through fun and repetition.

    Our curriculum also extends into the home with Home Skills such as choosing a Codeword between children and parents, door and telephone safety, who are Safe Strangers and who are Dangerous Strangers.

    Learn more below or at our main web site for all locations Goshinkan Ju Jitsu.

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    • Fun Classes for Children 5 – 7
    • Encourage Respect & Discipline
    • Gain Self Reliance & Confidence
    • Goal Setting & Achievement

    Pricing Plan

    • 11 week or 3 Month Semester

      $ 190.00