• November Yudansha & Mudansha Testing

    Senpai Janine O’Keefe will be testing for Shodan on November 28, 2015 at the Hombu Dojo in Red Deer where she started her training with Shihan Lintott several years ago. Lets get some support from all our Dojos for this test. Senpai Janine will be the first home grown student to test for Shodan from the Red Deer Dojo.

    The founder of Goshinkan-Ryu Ju Jitsu announced on November 20th that the following people have been invited to test;

    Senpai John Hare for 2nd Kyu Purple Belt
    Senpai Stephan Paburan for 3rd Kyu Blue Belt
    Dyland Obermeyer for 5th Kyu Orange BeltDaphne Sales for 6th Kyu Yellow Belt
    Mathew Fowler for 6th Kyu Yellow Belt
    Luke for for 6th Kyu Yellow Belt

    Make sure you clear your schedule for this event.

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