• New Program Mini Bushi™

    Our Mini Bushi™ Program is not just a martial arts program for boys and girls ages 3 – 5, it is a step-by-step danger awareness program. Shihan Lintott started and developed the children’s programs in 2004, and it has expanded throughout Alberta, into B.C. and Saskatchewan.

    What will my child learn?

    Your child will be learning one level every one to two Semesters (11 weeks), both in the dojo and at home. The skills taught in the dojo will be initialed by the instructor teaching your child when they are first taught the skill. A second initial will be given by one of our instructors when your child is able to perform the skill with little or no prompting.

    Skills to be learned at home are indicated with a spot for you to initial. These are skills that cannot be taught in the dojo or require additional parental involvement. When an instructor sees that you have initialed a skill, they will ask your child to explain it back to them from time to time, at which point they will add their initials as well.

    Martial arts for life will make your child more focused. They will have increased concentration through traditional ranking system of earning belts and stripes, they will learn they have the ability of setting and meeting achievable goals. These goals will follow them through life and improve their academics at school.

    Children will learn Dojo Skills and Drills with our all new obstacle course. The obstacle course will improve confidence, agility and martial arts skills.

    At the beginning and end of each class there is quiet time before the children bow in and out of class much like the traditional way of bowing in Japanese Ju-Jitsu.

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